10 Best Startup Business Ideas

1.Travel Planning

With all the booking stages accessible online today, anybody can book an occasion from the solaces of their home. In any case, with such a large number of various variables to think about, it tends to overpower. A portion of these include:


Vehicle rentals





On the off chance that you have solid authoritative abilities and the talent for finding a decent deal, you could offer these administrations to other people who have less time staring them in the face. Discover the arrangements for your clients and include your extra charge for your administrations.

2.Online Custom Tailoring

Individuals are progressively scrupulous about the manner in which they look and with that comes the requirement for custom-made attire. One size does not fit all, and specialists and ladies, specifically, need to look like it when they go into the workplace consistently. The custom dress industry is still moderately undiscovered, so beginning a business presently will offer you a critical potential for development later on. Notwithstanding having their pieces conveyed straightforwardly to their homes, you can offer customization of:







3.Event and Project Planning

Event and project planning can be done remotely, but having a hands-on approach and offering your services in your local area will be more beneficial to you from both a quality control and monetary point of view. You can start this business from the comforts of your home and meet with clients in restaurants, cafes, or at their office or home.

4. Flipping Websites (Amazing startup ideas)

You can turn to the website flipping if you want to earn fast cash. All it does is buy and sell sites on existing platforms. It is actually an art and involves some research, but if you turn it around, it is a simple and direct way to make you money. There are many sites dedicated to this.

You can either auction domains or sell entire websites. The latter will help you earn money and you can use a platform like FreeMarket.com or Flippa.com in order to buy and sell domains and full-blown websites.

Hence, we can say, flipping a website is the best startup business ideas for online businesses.

5.Food in Container Business

food container business

Budget Needed- US $25,000- $30,000 (Rs. 15-20 lakhs)

It is one of the most unique startup ideas. Opening a food restaurant in a container has gained everyone’s attraction and is becoming increasingly popular. It is one of the most untapped businesses which you can think of starting. In this business, you need to buy a container, the size of which can vary depending on the availability of space. Make the container look attractive and arrange chairs on top. Paint it beautifully from outside with vibrant colors and paintings.

You can place your container in parking areas or roadside of any crowded location. The best part about this startup is that you can reduce your rent by 70% because you will require less space as sitting arrangements are on top of the container and secondly you are not using any commercial space that is more costly as compared to parking spaces or roadsides.

6.Waste Management Business

waste management landfill jcb machine dirt separating tana

Budget Needed- US $25,000- $50,000 (Rs. 15-30 lakh)

All over the world, around 11 billion tons of waste is being collected which is currently making a whopping revenue of $410 billion. If you are from a developed and clean country like Dubai, then chances are you will face a lot of competition but if you are from a developing country then there is a massive scope which you can take benefit of. And the best part is due to awareness of hygiene, everyone wants cleanliness but nobody wants to clean the dirt. So if you are ready to make your hands dirty then this startup idea is only waiting for you. Get Detail

7.Advertising and Marketing Company

Budget NeededUS $3,000- $30,000 (Rs 2-20lakhs)

As of today, startups are increasing very rapidly and every company is trying its best to capture their respective market better than their competitors. And in this race of churning market, every company is spending a lot of money to put their products in front. The growth of this industry is so fast that analysts are not able to calculate the global data. If we talk about the USA, then advertising and marketing company has a worth of $44 billion while in India, it is increasing with a CAGR of 33.5%annually.

So it is really a wonderful opportunity to start any startup related to advertising or marketing. You can start a startup in TV ads, online ads, magazine ads and it really has a wide scope.

8.Organic Farming

Budget Needed- US $1500- $8,000 (Rs. 1- 5 lakhs)

If you are India, then you might be aware of Baba Ramdev and his popular brand Patanjali Ayurveda. Well, Patanjali is one of the fastest growing organic products based company. It was started by Baba Ramdev and Acharya Balkrishna in 2007. They haven’t taken any outside funding and today the revenue of Patanjali Ayurveda Ltd is US $ 1.6 billion. I hope this was quiet enough to tell you about the scope of organic food based startups.

If I talk about the market, then the size of the organic food market is increasing with a CAGR of 14%annually. The best part about organic farming is that every country government is supporting it and providing grants and subsidies to start it.

Even many white-collar employees from great companies like Google Inc. are leaving their jobs and starting organic farming in India.

There is really a great demand for organic food all over the world so just put on your pajamas and get into the field and produce vegetable, crops, milk or any daily requirement product and soon people will see you on the front cover of business magazines alongside several millionaires and billionaires.

9.Fitness Centers

Budget Needed- US $1500- $150,000 (Rs.1 lakh- 1cr)

All across the world, there are around 180,000 fitness clubs which include Yoga Center, Gym, Aerobics, Gymnastics, Zumba etc. More than 1.9 billion people worldwide were overweight and also 18+ in the age in 2016. And obesity is increasing very rapidly, to be specific it got tripled from 1975. This has certainly raised a demand for a lot of fitness centers. If this field interests you, then you can also become popular without being unique as demand is high. Though if your fitness startup is unique and providing some special activity which no one is providing then certainly you will attract a lot of investors and it will become easy for you to make your startup successful.

You can even start apps for providing personal training or any app that can connect people with different fitness centers like FitNApp.

10.E-commerce Store

Budget Needed- US $1500- $8,000 (Rs. 1-5 lakh)

This is again an internet based startup idea. Well, here I am not talking about e-commerce website. I am talking about starting an e-commerce store. You might have heard about T-Shirt selling business or mobile case selling business. This business is so big that you can easily become a millionaire with this. And the best part is that you need not to go anywhere or you are not required to know any coding also.

All you have to do is to buy an e-commerce store from the website like Shopify. Start your own e-commerce store from there. Choose their products and advertise them to sell. You can advertise via AdSense, FB ads, emails or any medium which interest you.

Here you need not to hire any coder or technician to make your own e-commerce website. You just need to learn about how a particular product is reacting in a particular market. And the best part is you need not to care about shipping also if you are worried about it as Shopify provide the provision of that also.

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